A modern way to display your favorite items around your home! Perfect for photos, planters, books, really anything you feel deserves a special spot on the wall.

Handcrafted with Knotty Pine, sanded to a silky smooth finish, these Hexagon Hanging Shelves look amazing on their own or together!

You can order them individually to create your own wall design or get the 4-pack to get one of each model!

Custom sizing also available – please reach us through our contact form to provide us with the details.

Available models:

  • Simple Shelf
  • Split Shelf
  • Concrete Planter Shelf
  • Extended Shelf


If you plan to put heavy items on the selves, use a stud finder insert nail into the wall until you have no more than 1/8″ sticking out. In case that you want to hang the heavy self where there is no studs, use a drywall anchor and screws.

Concrete Planter Shelf is recommended always mounted with drywall anchors or on a stud.

Always make sure your shelves are properly secured to the wall before setting items on them.